A Test of Modern Art

Whilst absorbing the harrowing view outlined in this article, at the excellent Men of the West, verily entitled ‘MODERN ART IS CRAP’, one thing that irked me was the galling hypocrisy of demanding status for one’s own ‘Art’, while withholding the status that should be afforded to proper artists. One does that, and an angel dies, every time one calls a urinal, or a messy bed, Art.

‘Compared to the great works produced by God-fearing men for centuries, we’ve been sold a crap sandwich and told it’s healthy with a superb taste for the most discerning.

Art, as its function to connect the human soul outward and up, has been subverted into directing the soul inward and down. Art rubs your face in feces and tells you this is the extent of reality.

First, recognize we’ve been hoodwinked and bamboozled. What passes for art today isn’t art at all. It’s spiritual-psychological warfare aimed at the human soul.’

Apparently, Art is anything one calls Art. So let’s perform a simple test of that, right now.


This is Art


This is not Art


This is Art, formerly known as Art


This is not Art, formerly known as Art

If at any point, during the above process of classification and reclassification, you thought the image was Art, you’re deluding yourself.

If you doubt that, please tell me the precise point where non-Art became Art, and what the differences are between the images.*

*Me lying to you does not make the above image Art, anymore than you lying to yourself does.