Parents That Forget Everything

What are you guys watching tonight?

Jack Ryan, The Shadow Recruit.

Again? ^

We haven’t seen it before.

Yes, you have.

No, we haven’t.

You’ve seen it 2-3 times.

How would you know that?

You’ve said it was disappointing 2-3 times.

Then tell us what it’s about.

What, why? I’ve seen it twice.

What’s it about then?

Well, there’s Kenneth Branagh, and he has a plan to…

Don’t spoil it for us!

You’ve already seen it!

Well, we don’t remember it.

Why don’t you watch something more memorable, like an 80s action flick?

They’re not available, because no one’s streaming those 80s movies, because now they’re too fucking old! [irate]

I’ve shown you for years how to get them.

[exasperated sigh] Life’s short enough without wasting my time messing about online.

I agree, life is short. That’s why you shouldn’t watch the same forgettable films over and over.

Well, we haven’t seen it.

You’ve seen it 2-3 times.

We haven’t. We don’t remember it.