Stringing The Bow

OVER the last eight months, I’ve been messing with certain real life pursuits far more than is acceptable. This was in part due to surprise turns in my life, insufficient preparation, and I’ll be honest, sheer foolishness. My plans for this site, along with much else, slid into dust.

Thankfully, I’ve now made time for this ambition.

Always, I meant for k e r n e l ᴴᶻ to be a blog focused on fiction, where I could share my short stories and thoughts on writing.

Alongside arrogant take-downs of desecrated film franchises and other travesties of modern media.

With shout-outs for the great writing of the accomplished. Features on positive creations I find on the web, in the world, with reviews of particulars that I love.

Commenting upon the dire state of the West and speaking out against the myriad evils summoned, here on these islands of death in particular.

But no; all this remains as yet unrealized and undeveloped.

The few random entries I did pull out of the coals over the last few months did not reflect the central theme I have in mind, so they’re now gone. Perhaps they’ll be cannibalized for future posts, but for now they’ll remain out of the reach of Google’s spam-spiders.

The entertaining little forays into memes and video I’ve been making in my downtime will cease.

Clarity of purpose is necessary.

The recent site-design changes are a result of my wanting a functional, legible layout for the posts so that new content could be added without concern. This is, at least, now done. The aesthetics will be improved after the structure is settled, and the structure will be updated when it’s required. No doubt, every aspect will be adapted as I move toward my vision.

Including the name.

That I began using k e r n e l ᴴᶻ as my main online persona, when it was only ever meant to be a temporary one for the blog, says too much. Where there’s confusion, there will be clarity.

Clarity matters.

But above all, what matters is the core purpose.

Past time to shake off the dust and string this bow.

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