The New Focus on Right Wing Extremism

‘Muslim communities would be less likely to help police themselves if they feel like they aren’t being offered the necessary support against hate crime’, said Labour’s shadow-incompetent, Diane Abbot MP, on Monday.

Being a primary beneficiary of identity politics, she understands how to request compromises to group-identity. Nevertheless, being incompetent, she’s also foot-in-mouth terrible at selling such to the British people.

We also have to give a lead in terms of the tone of the debate around Islam. We have to get things in context and part of the context is far-right extremism is an issue. If we are going to build the confidence of the Muslim community in the Prevent programme we have to be seen recognising that… I agree what the Government is trying to do by working with the big four internet companies. We need focus on that, and we also need to focus on the tone of the debate around Islam… It’s about stepping up our monitoring happening online, encouraging the companies to take down some of these sites and some of this discourse which is helping to radicalise people. They are in some cases reluctant to do that, but we know they don’t want to be facilitating extremism of any kind, so we think they can do more to take down sites, take down dialogue and to take people off their systems who can be seen propagating hate and hate crime.

Diane Abbot, BBC News

Rather than take their training-gloves off and finally deal with Islamic terrorism, and admit that Islam is not compatible with Western civilisation – legally, ethically, politically and spiritually – the Establishment will continue to use the chaos it’s created for its long-term strategy; the attrition of nations, and the English nation in particular, it having long been targeted for termination.

Anyone resisting the Islamification of Britain, be it rhetorically, politically, violently, or with bacon, will be identified as contributing to, or associated with, Right Wing extremism. Bacon-activism will become a mainstay focus of state-backed sanction. This is the sad truth of the new century England is now entering.

But I don’t think it will work. Not over the long term. And that’s because bacon’s far, far more than a right wing staple.

So broad is the concept of hate, so ridiculously unjust is the debate and undefined is the legislation regarding hate speech, that large numbers of otherwise disinterested people will be forced to confront the core of the conflict. They will either be subject to sanction themselves, or their friends or loved-ones or someone they know will be targeted. The efforts of the establishment will actually increase the divisive ramifications of future terror attacks and similar atrocities. It’s already happening.

As the Brexit result showed, the Establishment over-estimated the degree to which it had successfully warped the identity of the English and Welsh people during our 41 years of Globalist grooming for Superstate captivity. The highly motivating issues of race and religion, while still involved in the debate in an unknown quantity, were nevertheless not as front-and-centre as they are with the Islamic question. Add drug trafficking, child-rape and terrorism into the mix, along with the consequent hypocrisy of the Fakestream media and the politicians and public institutions in their response to these crimes, and you have an equation that would eventually, I think, work itself out positively.

Yet, as the continued inflow of Muslim immigration multiplies the stakes each year, time is likely the most important factor. The Establishment knows this also, and will almost inevitably over-react; being human, and having at hand the force-multiplying impact of state power. This is where you realise that no one’s in control, and we’re stuck on an M25 that encircles Pandæmonium.

The coming crackdown on the internet, and thought and speech, will I think backfire. They won’t be able to claim innocence, they won’t be able to claim they didn’t see it coming. And having underestimated the desire for sovereignty over our own lives, and the desire to keep our own identity, the Establishment will also miscalculate the appeal of diversity. The benefits of Islamic immigration are even more ethereal than the benefits of EU subjugation, the case for Islamic union even more vapid than the argument for European integration, and the divisive effects of raping little girls and slaughtering them are far more visceral than any counter-argument can hope to be.

The conversations of friends and family, people who would never have discussed these things in years prior, are now turning toward the question. Traditionally Left-leaning people along with the Right, for this is not a Left or Right issue. The temper on the ground has shifted dramatically in recent weeks already, and the government is still in the process of mustering its bungled response.

People will increasingly ask; what else will we be commanded to sacrifice, why is this being done to us, where’s our Referendum on this?

As the Establishment stamps down on the wildfires it started, crushing innocent men, women and children in their unholy mission to submit us to Islam and Globalism, I think the truth of the equation may well out: that this is far from fair-dealing.