Why Deportation is an Absolute Necessity

Funny how things fester when you turn a blind eye.

On May 27th, Whitehall admitted the situation is grim. Whilst 3,000 potential terrorists pose an imminent threat, there are 23,000 jihadist extremists living in Britain.

What’s even funnier, we couldn’t watch them all even if we tried. After the Lee Rigby murder in 2013, MI5 said it can monitor fewer than 50 terrorist suspects 24/7. To what degree that’s our intelligence services deliberately concealing their capacity, and how much is simple honesty, is anybody’s guess.

When Abu Qatada was released in February 2012, it emerged that he was watched round the clock by 60 officers from Scotland Yard, MI5 and Serco, a private security company.

Let’s be generous and cut the number in half to thirty, and let’s limit their salaries to that of the typical Scotland Yard constable (£34k/pa).

To watch our jihadists would cost us £3bn in staffing alone. There would be efficiencies and savings to be made, obviously. Yet that hasn’t factored in all the resources, equipment, vehicles, insurance, etc., they would need. Nor does it factor in the cost of hiring 90,000 officers to replace the ones you’re pulling off the job to sit on these extremists.

Consider that we currently spend £13.6bn per year on our fire and police services, and that a 22%+ increase to the budget is unlikely.

Then consider that 24/7 surveillance of 23,000 jihadist extremists would cost only a paltry £23.4bn a year. That’s £3bn shy of our secondary education spending merely on staffing such a feat.

You can see why further attacks are inevitable, and why Theresa May wants to utilise internet surveillance and regulation; yet in her desire to save billions, she’s asking the impossible. It’s an easy policy announcement to make, but there will always be ways to communicate covertly via the net, and the measures required to make a significant impact would cripple our infrastructure, and inevitably be turned against us instead.

All to avoid the unpalatable necessity of interning and deporting these hostile agents of allah.

Border security remains the only effective option, and the only affordable one. Just like human skin, it serves as the principal and impermeable barrier to infection.

Our true interface with the outside world is our intestinal tract, where we take what we need and excrete what we can’t use. It’s a sensitive area, so the guarding of our digestive tract is a key and front-line operation. Gastric acid destroys hopeful pathogens in our stomachs, before they can successfully infiltrate the body.

If infiltration does occur, it’s targeted by immune cells that already have a profile for it, based on prior encounters, and if it’s a new pathogen the immune cells will remember it for next time.

All of the above reduces the response time, and energy requirement, of dealing with an invading pathogen, increasing survival chance, and making higher functioning possible in a hostile world.

We must be mad to listen to Open Border activists agitate for the complete removal of human skin, for pumping our stomach of every last drop of defensive bile, for stuffing us full of anything and everything, no matter if it’s desirable or even edible. On principle, our immune cells are to be restricted to encountering any pathogens as though for the first time; leaving us with persistent childhood infections we can’t overcome, and defenseless to all infections from the get-go, no matter how often they mutate. We’re never to excrete, our shit will only leave if it wants to, and we can never stop swallowing, for to gag is racist.

It suffices to say, we wouldn’t survive the skinning.